This is my primary form of treatment. All sessions generally include some form of needle treatment unless we have talked about an alternative treatment option tailored to your needs. During your acupuncture treatment, I may use complementary modalities to improve and sustain better results, such as cupping or electrical stimulation of the needles, at no extra cost. I also offer an abbreviated auricular treatment (ear acupuncture) if you don’t quite want to dive in all the way! It’s a great way to get used to how acupuncture works and still get some significant benefits.¬†Regular price $70 per session, generally 60 to 90 minutes; auricular acupuncture $25 per session, generally 30 minutes


For those not comfortable with needles, cupping is an option I offer alone. It is a very gentle technique that many of my clients enjoy, and I find it best suited to treating sore, tired muscles and tension from stress. Regular price $35 per session, generally 20-30 minutes

Herbal Therapy

Upon request, we can discuss options to supplement your acupuncture treatment with take-home care in the form of herbal remedies. All herbal therapies are administered according to your needs and require a full intake of current medications and supplements and are considered an add-on to acupuncture treatment. Additional cost, price varies

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