I started this business because, plain and simple, acupuncture works. It’s for everyone—it’s a flexible, versatile medicine that adapts to its patient, which I personally believe is the future of medicine as a whole.

We are on the cusp of learning just how effective acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can be for a variety of issues ranging from palliative care to long-term wellness to fixing whatever is broken in a holistic, self-restoring way. That, to me, is super cool! We’ve come a long way in discovering bits and pieces of how acupuncture works in labs and on the ground—the research is out there, and it looks promising! But that’s just one side of the story.

There are many sides to the story of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, beginning millennia ago in the forms of stone and bone “needles” and cosmological and physiological systems that were eventually codified into official medical texts that were passed down, expanded, and verified over those thousands of years. Herbal remedies were included, hands-on therapies were included, refined systems of describing disease and disorder were included, and now acupuncture is where it is today: in some places, held in as high a regard as western biomedicine! These two systems of medicine complement and can learn from one another to achieve the best results possible for as many people as possible.

I am trained in both of these systems of medicine to give you the assurance that I can help you get on the path to health. That is why I chose acupuncture, and that is why I believe I can help you—wherever you are—in your health journey. I want to work with you to help you feel and function at your best, and acupuncture can certainly take a huge part in that! I personally want to be part of a medicine that looks both inward and outward, at moving parts and the environments in which they work to determine the best course of action for my patients. I want to give them the ability to sustain and empower their health as whole, living, breathing people. You are a whole person, and I can help you. 

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